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Best Bent Wire Colin Cooper

Best Bent Wire

Colin Cooper

Published November 6th 2010
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Set against the background of international interest in the Iranian oilfields 60 years ago, this novel is concerned with the ultimate futility of most military operations, and how it affects the life of one young British conscript in the Suez Canal Zone in 1946. For one thing, he is not suited for the job of intelligence agent. For another, he violates the then-prevalent code of military conduct by falling in love with an Egyptian girl, an involuntary action that leads to the cancellation of the operation and a prison sentence for the young man who has put emotional fulfilment before his military duty. Many years later, he tries to trace the girl he was prevented from marrying.It could be a sad story, but the author chooses to stress the comic aspects – which are never very far away when the armed forces are involved.