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Des Hommes Illustres Jean Rouaud

Des Hommes Illustres

Jean Rouaud

Published 1993
ISBN : 9782707314628
174 pages
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 About the Book 

Hailed as a masterpiece, Jean Rouauds first novel was awarded Frances most prestigious literary prize, the Goncourt, and sold over a million copies worldwide. Rouaud rocketed to literary fame and was proclaimed the finest writer to come out of France in a generation. Of Illustrious Men establishes as fact what the first novel promised - that Rouaud is a writer of remarkable power, subtlety, and originality. Lovingly set in the same region as Fields of Glory, the novel is about the authors father, Joseph, a traveling salesman who died at forty-one and left a family in shock behind him. In the mind of the grieving eleven-year-old son - too young to have really known him - his dead fathers exploits in the Resistance during World War II were the stuff of daydreams. His father was more than just a traveling salesman, a quiet family man - he was a hero, a warrior, a legend. But the narrator is no longer that eleven-year-old boy- he is a mature and gifted writer. And though he may still ache for the loss of his father, he also knows that Josephs illustriousness can be found not only in the heady days of wartime glory...but also in the moments of domestic peace. Of Illustrious Men evokes scenes of both war and peace with exquisite beauty and understated and poignant tenderness.