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A Treatise on Hijab Avenue Islam

A Treatise on Hijab

Avenue Islam

Published November 8th 2012
Kindle Edition
107 pages
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 About the Book 

Avenue Islam in collaboration with Darussalam brings you one of their most amazing and popular books on the Kindle. Read this book like never before, with beautiful high-resolution graphics and interactivity.The people in this blessed land – the land of Revelation, the Message, modesty and decency – used to follow the path of righteousness in this matter and women went out wearing hijab and jilbab or ‘aba‘ah, or something similar, and they avoided mixing with men. This situation continues in many cities in the Kingdom, all praise and thanks be to Allah. But when (negative) things were said about the hijab, and the women who did not wear them saw no objection to unveiling and were seen without them, some people began to have doubts about whether the hijab and the covering the face are obligatory or preferred, or simply a custom followed by people, which is neither obligatory nor preferred. In order to dispel this doubt and to reveal the truth of the matter, I decided to write what was easy for me, so that the ruling on it might be made clear, hoping to Allah, the Most High, that the truth might be made apparent by it and that He might make us among the rightly-guided, who discern the truth and follow it and who discern falsehood and avoid it. I say – and success is attained through Allah - : “Know, O, Muslim, that the screening of a woman from unrelated men and the covering of her face is an obligation, the evidence for which is in the Book of your Lord, the Most High, the Sunnah of your Prophet, Muhammad, correct opinion, and uninterrupted analogy.