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দুই বোন

Rabindranath Tagore

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 About the Book 

“Women are of two kinds, the mother - kind and the beloved – kind -- so I have heard some learned men say. If a comparison may be drawn with the seasons, the mother is the rainy season. She brings the gift of water and of fruit, tempers the heat, and dissolving from the heights drives away the drought. She fills with plenty. The beloved , on the other hands, is the spring. Deep its mystery, sweet its enchantment. Its restlessness rocks the blood into waves and swings over into jewel chamber of the mind where the solitary string of the golden vina(musical intrument) is lying mute, waiting for the vibration to set the body and the mind ringing in some wordless melody.”With these beautiful lines,the novel begins. Written by the Nobel Prize Winner Rabindranath Tagore ,its idea is based on the fact that when a married man does not find a mother figure and a sweetheart in the same person , an eternal conflict arises in him, his heart is torn asunder.He needs the former(mother-kind) to draw strength from that nature of a woman’s character but he also needs and desires the later (beloved-kind) for inspiration and support that a woman provides to a man. If these two do not meet in the same individual his life wrecks apart making him confused and solitary. The plot of the novel is very intriguing , and as a reader I felt awed by the way novel is written, delighting the reader with its phrases and narrations. Central character is Sasanka whose life is influenced by his wife Sarmila so much so that for each of his personal comforts , his wife takes special care in everything so that he doesn’t have any grievances and her only aim is to see him happy . He’s a man governed by his wife and like a mother she cares for him and as a kid he responds to her. She loves him a lot but is way to inexpressive to tell him about her love for him.So,he misses the beloved - kind nature of Sarmila, which she’s unable to explain it to him through words,but he reveres her for deep caring nature of hers. Sarmila’s younger sister Urmimala is way too naïve & juvenile as compared to her sister. This difference of character is what is missing in Sarmila,which she knows but considers it as unimportant and this is what story is all about.Mind you,that if you’re thinking that there will be a conflict between these two sisters,think again…… The Title of the novel is “Two sisters” and that is what makes it a completely different read then what we humans might think of it. Rabindranath Tagore whose known as myriad minded person,has compiled a story of truly great class,in simple and authentic words which falls in line with the Title,I loved the story for its plot and the way the story was carved out of it and the climax was also very special as it turned out to be an unexpected one. :):)Some phrases & narrations that i liked from this novelwhat a pity! wailed sarmila. Even in love men cannot wholly lose themselves.A portion of themselves they need must set apart for the exercise of their masculine egoAlcohol taken once has to be taken again to drown the regret of drinking.Only a male can be so clumsy in his infatuation as not to notice that his wife could plainly see through the motive of his frequent visits